Remembering Heather....


Heather Howard

July 19, 1972 - November 2, 1997


November 2nd, 1997 began as another gorgeous Fall day in Austin Texas. Bright clear skies, comfortable temperature, no wind......a perfect day for motorcycling. We had an awesome route planned that would take us down some of our favorite roads; Lime Creek and 1431. A planned lunch stop at the Bluebonnet Cafe, would give the eight of us a chance to swap stories and try a piece of Peanut Butter Pie that Heather raved about.

However the day ended tragically when Heather was fatally injured in an accident shortly after the ride began.


Heather's Ruby SlippersAlthough I will never forget the sorrow felt over the loss of my friend and fellow rider, I can't help but smile when I see her picture or remember the rides we shared.

Joking with Heather about the red boots (a.k.a. Ruby Slippers) she wore, her running out of gas miles before the next station, or our mutual habit of getting lost in the Hill Country are just a few of the fond memories and great stories I will always carry with me.



Taking a break at Sears Point


Heather loved motorcycling and developed a large network of friends within the motorcycle community. Her brilliant personality and enthusiasm for the sport made her special to all of us. Her charm, wit and friendship are greatly missed by us all.

Robert Pandya summed it up best......"As you move through life you lose touch with some people, but some live in your memory, and Heather always will."







Remember Heather StickerEvery November, the TSBA will hold a memorial ride in remembrance of Heather. We will ride the same route we started on Nov. 2nd, 1997 and stop at Heather's memorial along the way. All motorcyclists are invited to attend. Donations will be accepted at the beginning of the ride with all the proceeds going to a charity selected by Heather's Family.

If you would like to attend, please check the Latest news section for details.


Out with the TSBA

Heather out with the TSBA on a Sunday ride to Marble Falls.


Heather and Scot


A special thanks to Steve, Bonnie and Scot Howard for the kind letters and use of photographs that made this page possible.


Randy Link - Austin TSBA