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1997 Photo Album

All pictures taken/scanned/produced by Alex Barenboim,
unless otherwise noted.

June 1997

  1. The famous June Ride ... Story and pics by Gary..

August 1997

  1. Here is the group at Marble Falls, including Heather.

September 1997

  1. The guys somewhere in East Texas.

October 1997

  1. The group attending the TSBA-only Advanced ERC class..
  2. Alex feels good burning rubber at the ERC.
  3. The group in staggered formation...
  4. Brett about to do a loop-dee-loop.
  5. Joseph zooming along on the backbone.
  6. Here is Brett, with his knee-dragging action ...
  7. Here is another shot of Brett zooming by real close!
  8. A nice lean by Randy on his red rocket.
  9. We don't think the owner of this bike would have liked what Jess was doing :-)
  10. Karen on her Pre-Goof.
  11. Here's Kosta on his crotch rocket.
  12. Brett and Randy having fun on Devil's Backbone...
  13. Here is the group after lunch in Fredricksburg..
  14. Arguments galore on the Backbone.
  15. A nice shot of Alex on the Backbone.
  16. Randy enjoying himself on the backbone.
  17. Here's Stephan on his red machine!
  18. A close-up of Alex zooooming on the Backbone.
  19. A photo of Al speeding away on the Backbone.
  20. A nice wide-shot of the group in Kerrville.
  21. Early Sunday morning at the Circle K (360 & 2244).

November 1997

  1. Here is Arlene at the ERC ... Lean baby lean!
  2. Arlene is lovin' Alex's red CBR-900RR ...
  3. After the ERC, Arlene really wants to keep Alex's red monster.
  4. Brett taking a break during the Endurance Race.

December 1997

  1. Kosta about to ride over Joseph.
  2. The group before the Toy ride ...
  3. Brett and Joseph relaxing. Notice the (altered) sign :-)

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