As noted in the club history, Austin is the founding chapter of the TSBA. Founded in the mid-1980s based on the Utah Sport Bike Association. The new club, called the Texas Sport Bike Association, was formed. From there, the founder then moved to Houston, and started another chapter.

The Austin chapter, perhaps more so than Houston and Dallas, has been cyclical in nature. After the founder moved to Houston, it kinda lapsed. Then the 90's saw a strong rebirth of the chapter. Regular rides, scavenger hunts and lots of other activities made it a vibrant chapter, especially given Austin's size at the time.


Then oddly, the chapter's success became a problem. Most of the officers moved on to racing, after a taste of the Devil's backbone and trackdays, the street offered little appeal. Some bought dirtbikes, some formed race teams, and some got married and/or had kids. Part time businesses became thriving shops. Some of the pivotal officers from the late 90's moved out of Austin. All took a toll on the chapter.

All cycles come back up though. 2005 and 2006 saw new leadership emerge, and almost single handedly kept the chapter alive. The effort paid off, and the chapter stayed alive and intact. 2007 saw another sea change in leadership. The tire changer was relocated, new meeting places tried out and selected in 2008. Currently the Austin Chapter is vigorously rebuilding and adding new members at a rate not seen in years, and is planning several recruiting events throughout the year.

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