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Membership, Forms and Dues

Da Membership

So if the idea of a group that promotes responsible sport biking is appealing to you, we encourage you to come to one of our meetings and meet the members. Maybe come out on one of the rides, best place to look for one is the Austin section of the TSBA BBS (okay, we know it's really a forum, but it used to be a BBS). Please let the ride lead know you are a prospective member, as for everyone's safety you'll probably be paired up with someone for the first part of the ride.

Da Forms

If you decide you like the company and that the TSBA is right for you, click on the picture of the form to download a PDF, and just bring it to the next meeting. This allows us to print emergency contact lists for our ride leads, provide discount lists to track day providers and all kind of other stuff. At the next meeting one of the officers will have a copy for you to sign. TSBA form

Da Dues

Our dues are set at a reasonable $24/yr., and it is pro-rated $2/mo. Dues are payable in advance by Dec. 31 for the upcoming year. Click on the appropriate PayPal button to pay electronically. Or you can always pay with cash, gold or check at the next meeting. Find the Treasurer or other officer and give them the dues. But honestly, if at all possible we prefer you to use PayPal as it eases the admin burden greatly on everyone.

No PayPal account, but you still want to make our life easy? No worries...Go ahead and click the correct monthly PayPal button. When the new PayPal page comes up, look for a box like this one to the upper right. It will let you pay with a credit card or even just your checking account without having a PayPal account. This means we'll still love you extra special!

Da Facts

Please note that membership is a privilege, not a right, and the TSBA reserves the right to decline and/or rescind membership to anyone. Membership does have it's privileges, with discounts at these vendors and track day providers. Two track days and your membership cost is recovered, and we all know track days are fun, fun, fun!

We look forward to having you with us!